Thursday, May 3, 2007

Old Mike, New Christine

I was absolutely blown away by the news that Mike Penner was transitioning to Christine Daniels. This is such an awesome thing for her to be going through, and such a brave step to take. And I've been floored by the comments on her blog (Woman in Progress) about her coming out.

There's hope that we can find acceptance from strangers for our situation. Being transgendered is not a choice. For some, that goes all the way through to needing Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS), for others it's just the need to dress, for a third it's Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). And other stops in the spectrum.

For too long the fear and shame of saying "I am transgendered" has been prevalent in our community. Web sites like Remembering Our Dead, while very important, become almost defining for us at times. This is very vital for our community, but all communities need to remember those who gave their lives in the name of expressing their beliefs. My point is that transgendered community needs to now start getting to the level where a transgendered person doesn't feel like they need to apologize for who or what they are. Some of us are confused about this (I know I am).

What I love about Christine's blog is that she is definitely celebrating her transition. She is moving forward in her life, becoming the person she has always felt she has been. God love her for that. And God love others in different situations who find the strength to live their convictions in a free and positive light.

You go, Christine!