Thursday, February 7, 2008

This Blog is Moving

I've decided that I'm moving this blog over to my web site - I decided this before the end of last year, and I spent time figuring out how I was going to do this.

Most hosting providers give you access to a version of the Wordpress blogging package, and I discovered that I could use that to import my blog (you'll find that all the pages are here - the only changes I'm doing is making sure that if there were references to pages in this blospot blog they are now referencing my new blog). I'm using the Regulus Theme with some minor tweaks that I've made (the biggest one being using my own custom header image). I'll probably make more tweaks as I go along.

I've included all of the original content that I had on the web site through static pages. In fact, I've also refreshed some of the content that I generated, and included more resource information as well. A big win by going to Wordpress was that I could have comments on the resource pages.

Anyway, please feel free to drop by my updated site. And thanks for reading!